About Us

About Us

SGS Knits Committed to philanthropy and socio-environmental development, SGS Interknits P Ltd is a multi-faceted organization, providing an array of products and services for the apparel and textile industries. In more than 20 years of its estblishment, it has created several benchmarks and established milestones for the forth coming generations.

SGS Interknits P Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of knitted Terry Fabrics in India, It Manufactures all types of knitted terry fabrics with specialized machines from Europe, SGS Industries P Ltd is always committed to providing best quality and service to the customers all over the world.

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Who would have ever thought that bamboo, one of the strongest and hardiest woods in the world, could be transformed into luxury bath towels? Well, the answer is SGS Interknits which is an innovative company dedicated to protecting and preserving our environment by cutting-edge research. We have developed a proprietary knit of certified bamboo that produced our signature Heavenly Bamboo collection of luxury bath towels. These bamboo towels feel silky to the touch, are more absorbent than conventional cotton towels, and provide the durability and ease of care found in more traditional towels. The Heavenly Bamboo Collection of bamboo towels is offered in several patterns and many designer colors that are perfect for any home decor.

Our company dedicated to preserving the planet through responsible manufacturing practices, while still offering high-quality organic products. Our luxury bamboo towels will make you wonder how you ever lived without them. These towels naturally wick water away from your skin and absorb water twice as fast as traditional cotton towels plus, because bamboo is naturally mildew resistant, your towels will not suffer from that musty, damp smell. As soon as you step out of the shower and use one of these bamboo towels you will never again want to use anything but MOM'S Touch towels.

Just saying the words bamboo towels probably conjures up images of drying off with a towel that isn't soft or absorbent. But the softness, durability, and quality of bath towels far exceed expectations. People all over the world as well as luxury hotels and spas are replacing their old cotton towels with bamboo bath towels and are also helping to protect the future of our environment. Why not switch to MOM'S luxury bath towels today?

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