Moms Touch Bamboo Pink  Designed Bath & Hand Towel

Moms Touch Bamboo Pink Designed Bath & Hand Towel

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Product Description:Enjoy the sumptuous feel of our bamboo bath towels against your skin and you'll never buy any others.  These plush bamboo towels by Mom's Touch are beautifully made and of the highest quality.A far superior brand of bamboo towels, they have a luxuriously thick 450gsm pile, as thick as premium cotton towels but much, much softer. These towels also resist shrinkage, keeping their shape and remaining pleasant to use....No wonder our customers absolutely love them.Features:Unbeatable Softness - There are few things more enticing than a gorgeously soft towel after a bath or shower.  Mom's Touch bamboo towels are made from 100% bamboo yarn. The result is a fantastical...

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